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Areas of Management Consultancy
Productivity and Quality Improvement
1. Manpower Assessment and Manpower Planning (Plant and offices- blue collar and white collar)
2. Capacity Assessment studies
3. Incentive schemes
4. Kaizen and 5S
5. Quality Circles
6. Material flow and handling system
7. Material consumption and material usage norms
8. Cost reduction
Improving Organisation Effectiveness
1. Business strategy Marketing strategy
Operations Strategy
HR strategy
2. Job Analysis, Job Objectives, Competency Assessment, gaps
3. Performance Management System- Goal setting /KRAs/KPIs (covering top executives and cascading downwards), Performance Appraisal, Reviews
4. Organisation restructuring
5. Developing systems- operations, materials, HR, marketing
6. Management Information system
7. Recruitment and Selection (Organising, Interviewing, Tests and Group discussions)
8. Facilitating Change
Developing People
1. Training needs assessment
2. Competency Improvement
3. Training and development programs for senior, idle and junior executives
4. Standards based training modules
5. Feedback and counseling
6. Continuous learning
7. Workmen development programs
8. Mentoring
Entrepreneurship Development
1. Motivating and Developing entrepreneurs
2. Business plan, project reports
3. Market survey reports
4. Arranging finance
5. Mentoring entrepreneurs
6. Growing the enterprise
7. Turning around sick units
8. Incubating start-ups
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