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Welcome to JEMS Consultancy Services
JEMS Consultancy Services specialises in enhancing Productivity and Organizational effectiveness through in-house consultancy and continuous Development of employee skills to equip individuals and corporates to go through the dynamics and challenges of change with desired growth and success.
JEMS Consultancy aims at developing an entrepreneurial and innovative mind-set for achieving world class business excellence taking a holistic approach involving all employees from the owner manager and CEO to the workmen level. The consultancy is aimed at transformation through a series of interactions using an approach most relevant to the situation.
We conduct ourselves and our business on principles and ethics, honour our commitments to client and maintain confidentiality
Our vision is not numbers but being good in what we do, to transform individuals, groups and organizations into thinking big - constructively and differently.
Our mission is to help individuals, groups and organizations achieve excellence by continuously learning and reeducating themselves.
Our Services:
Engaged employees create excellent results. The aim of providing training for enhancing corporate skills is to improve competitiveness through better quality and productivity, reduction of waste and cost, and engaged manpower.
Individuals are the building blocks of an organization, family, society and nation. The purpose of these programs is to address individual needs in small groups, provide mentoring, and facilitate development of individual's employability and usefulness to society, and family. Individuals require continuous up gradation and adding of skills and knowledge to enhance their competency.
Life skills prepare you for a journey, and help in coping up with lows and highs. If you are an ace performer in an organization and an unhappy family person, a very good student but unable to cope with the real life situation, a disoriented individual in the turbulent times, a parent who is unable to relate with his or her children meaningfully, then you need to opt for one of these courses.
Manpower Assessment, Recruitment (written tests, pyschometric tests, group discussions, personal interviews), Quality and Productivity Improvement, HR initiatives, mentoring, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurial Projects and Business Plans.
Orient Bell Ltd
A change intervention program with theme 'Drishti' at their tile manufacturing plant at Sikandrabad, U.P, aimed at quality and productivity improvement through total employee involvement, small group activities and cultural change.
Over 120 participants and more than 16 small groups, steered with leadership from the top, are actively working on this initiative.
Motherson Sumi Systems
Supervisor Development Programs every month with participants from plants at Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad. The programs are comprehensive and cover various supervisory skills namely planning, goal setting, communication, motivation, control, and expectations from today's supervisor-the first level leadership in an organisation.Program material and delivery available both in Hindi and English to suit the comfort level of participants.
Shree Cement
Conducted workshops on 5S and Kaizen as foundation for world class excellence at Shree Cement plants at Beawar (distt Ajmer) and Ras (distt Pali). Excellent participation and interactive group of engineers and senior managers. Shree Cement is doing remarkably well in cement and power, and apart from various quality credentials including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001, they have been identified as 'New Sustainability Champion' (Sustainability through Innovation) by World Economic Forum (WEF, Switzerland) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG).
Many people do not consider India as a place for innovation and it ranks very low because of the low R&D spend and very few patents. The patents part is true but I do not agree that we lack in innovative spirit. The number of innovations that you see around you are very encouraging. All of them are 'frugal innovation' which is the need of the hour. I would like to ennumerate few of them:
  1. Sleeper bus: You can sleep flat on the upper deck which was earlier meant for keeping luggage. No basic change in the bus configuration.This service is in great demand as last moment rail reservations are difficult to get.
  2. Missed Call: Excellent two way communication at no cost
  3. Nano car at Rs 1 lakh
  4. Nano housing brought by ex Mphasis founder Jerry Rao..flats belwo Rs 10 lakhs. Also by Tata Housing.
  5. Water purifier by Tatas below Rs 600, not using power
  6. Technician training in large numbers using e-learning and physical mode, and making them employable in 3 to 6 months time as against present ITIs which take 2 years and do not ptovide the required numbers
  7. Low cost refrigerator from Godrej
  8. 'Jugaad' automobile carrier using diesel engine of water pump used for irrigation.
Singapore Visit
Every time I visit Singapore, I find something new to learn on how to manage a country. Few salient lessons which I would like to imbibe in me and my students and mentees:
  1. 5S – The whole city/state/country is a model of how 5S should be done at a national level. Seiri(Sorting), Seiton (Orderliness), Seiso(Cleaning), Seiketsu (Standardise), Shitsuke (Discipline) can be seen in MRT(trains), roads, parks, bridges, underpass, residential buildings, and in every nook and corner. I searched frantically to find some dirt or disorder or indiscipline, but could not.
  2. Systems and process orientation
  3. Simplification of procedures
  4. Frugal but efficient use of scarce resources like water, land, energy Very few people may know that Singapore has to import water.
  5. Technology- skyscrapers emerge in a year's time. MarinaSands, Universal Studios, Sentossa, Botanical Gardens, and so forth..,,you can see how technology is being used to keep Singapore world class and optimise their extremenly limited natural resources like land, water, minerals, energy.
  6. Execution – whatever laws and rules are made, they are executed 100%
  7. Law and order – a statement 'By Law' can be seen in many places. It means you have to follow that else the penalties are heavy.But you hardly see any policeman.
  8. 100% Security and safety- you can leave your house keys with the maid so that she can come and do your household work in your absence.
  9. No cheating- you can trust your cab driver 100%
  10. Government jobs are the best – they pay more than private, attract the best talent, and are accountable, honest and efficient
  11. Singapore encourages meritocracy…no reservation, no son of the soil doctrine
  12. There is no free lunch...even senior citizens have to work to become eligible for financial support from govt. That is, if they earn $1000, they will get another $1000 from govt.
Programs in Hindi
Programs on TQM, Kaizen and 5S, Supervisor Development, Time Management, Communication Skills are being made available in Hindi too for the benefit of a larger audience of supervisors, engineers and managers who had their school education in Hindi.
I have started Mentoring on One to One or in Small Groups for all those who want to discuss their job, career or life values related concerns. This is with prior appointment at a mutually convenient place.
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